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Narrative healing invites us to reflect upon and retell our story, promoting positive change in our lives. By reflecting upon our experience of recovering from illness, trauma or injury, we deepen our understanding and skill in returning to wellness. Learning to work with Narrative Healing is a powerful tool for increasing resilience and developing healing resources.


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February 2017

Future of Health Coaching Online

Coaching and Healing:
A Conversation with The Authors

In what ways can we be in greater service in the relief of suffering? What initiatives might we Enact to bring our ideas and our gifts into the world with greater power and grace? How can we move from a personal to a global perspective?  Reggie Marra will interview his coauthors as they explore the connection between Coaching and Healing and lead us on an informative, insightful and enlightening journey into the nature of healing and our own person healing narratives.

Coaching and Healing is the product of a group of 10 Health Coaches from across North America who share a desire to explore the role that coaching can play in healing. 

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What our students are saying

  • In my practice, clients usually share their life stories, which is often a very effective way to start a healing process. However, after the initial sharing, it can be challenging to shift the client to focused learning and healing. This class was very effective in helping me learn how to help the client take this next step in their healing process.
    Tanya RennerTanya RennerCCH, RSHom(NA)
  • Dr. Kreisberg is compassionate, caring, discerning and direct. He tunes into the moment and allows his ever-expanding field of experience to guide him to the most powerful questions and/or courses of action. He is highly adaptive and continually seeks to improve himself, his teaching style and us!
    Josh HorganJosh HorganGraduate MUIH Post-graduate Certificate in Health Coaching
  • There is a richness and complexity to this approach that is unique to this coaching program. Dr. Kreisberg was highly organized in the way he designed and ran the class. He presented the principles and methodology clearly and dynamically. I came away with new perceptions, approaches and tools that will benefit my clients. I feel newly inspired as I move forward with my coaching work!
       Erika Bunnin  Erika Bunnin MA, JFKU Holistic Health Education

We’re not just COACHING,

We’re HEALING too!

The Narrative Healing Difference

  • Move from ‘one size fits all’ to a customized approach.
  • Rather than focusing on measurable outcomes, engage the whole person. 
  • Reframe the healing story by building resources–don’t just reduce symptoms.
  • Rather than relying on purely positive interventions, embrace strengths and limitations.
  • Move beyond  ‘aha’ insight to embodied, lasting change.



Our mission is to develop coaches who work with life stories in a way that leads to deepening relationship, transformational learning, and authentic healing. 

Our vision is a community of health professionals who engage the skills of narrative healing, promoting deep lasting change in individuals, organizations, and the communities in which we serve.

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What our Students are Saying

  • I highly recommend Narrative Health Coaching as a solid model for coaching through behavior change. Joel and Reggie are knowledgeable, compassionate instructors who create a learning environment that fosters skill development and personal growth. You will gain insight into a coaching model that is designed to truly partner with your clients to help them succeed in their desire to make personal changes.
    Julie ThenellBS, MS, NC
  • Foundations of Narrative Health Coaching provided the missing piece from my previous health coaching training. Joel and Reggie created a welcoming and open learning environment and provided extra resources to enhance the class time learning. In addition, they incorporated hands on active learning exercises to help anchor the information. I highly recommend this class for any coach who would like to take their clients to the next level.
  • Dr. Joel's strengths lie in his passion for improvement. He ceaselessly seeks out ways to equip his students with vast amounts qualitative knowledge that is relatable, positively upbeat, and in good humor. Be sure to come to the classes with your curiosity and willingness to improve as a person and as a coach.
    Spencer Harber M.A. RYT, MT

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