Healing Others By Healing Ourselves

Our programs are tailored for coaches who recognize that many factors impact health and that the more factors we engage, the greater the possibility for embodied and sustainable change for clients. Coaches will learn to help clients alleviate unnecessary suffering, improving their capacity for sustained wellness in body, mind, soul, spirit and relationship

Integral Health Coaching

Our program offers a developmental, balanced and inclusive approach that helps increase wellness and create sustainable change in the lives of our coaches and their clients. Our approach is focused on promoting healing and wellness by growing the coach’s healing capacity Our comprehensive framework facilitates first, identifying the areas that support the fullest and most sustainable healing, and second, helping coaches understand how these areas intersect and interweave, making possible a greater range of solutions.

Safe Drug Disposal

Teleosis Institute helped launch the Alameda County Medication Disposal Initiative, in partnership with Supervisor Nate Miley and the Alameda County Senior Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Workgroup. This initiative aimed to develop safe, convenient and environmentally responsible medicine disposal sites throughout Alameda County. The SafeMEDS Workgroup hosted the two Alameda County Medication Disposal Conferences and developed legislation that became law in Alameda County Safe Medicine Disposal Ordinance in 2012. As of May 1st, 2014, the ordinance went into effect, making it the first product stewardship law for pharmaceutical waste in the United States.