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Heart Based
Business Transformation

with Leslie Nipps

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

In Leslie’s search for guidance when she founded her change work practice in 2008, she discovered a dizzying array of business growth offerings. As  useful as many of them were, they were often poor  matches for her as someone who wanted to build a successful business while maintaining deep  integrity. She often found herself in conflict with the advice she received, and as a result she  developed a profound self-doubt about whether she’d ever succeed.

Seeking to find “a better way,” she developed a method for working through business challenges while maintaining integrity. The result is her training approach for new and struggling practitioners to learn what they need to know about business, and be successful and joyful in their practice, so they can bring their good work to clients whom they want to serve.



What our students are saying

  • In my practice, clients usually share their life stories, which is often a very effective way to start a healing process. However, after the initial sharing, it can be challenging to shift the client to focused learning and healing. This class was very effective in helping me learn how to help the client take this next step in their healing process.
    - Tanya Renner, - Tanya Renner, CCH, RSHom(NA)
  • Dr. Kreisberg is compassionate, caring, discerning and direct. He tunes into the moment and allows his ever-expanding field of experience to guide him to the most powerful questions and/or courses of action. He is highly adaptive and continually seeks to improve himself, his teaching style and us!
    Josh HorganJosh Horgangraduate student MUIH Post-graduate Certificate in Health Coaching
  • Living Poems, Writing Lives is really helping, and for me, things come up that I had not considered. I think Reggie clears a space, makes a suggestion and gives us permission so those things that are not in consciousness can pop up, things that need to surface. It's really helpful.

We’re not just COACHING,
We’re HEALING too!


  • Move from ‘one size fits all’ to a customized approach.
  • Rather than focusing on measurable outcomes, engage the whole person. 
  • Reframe the healing story by building resources–don’t just reduce symptoms.
  • Rather than relying on purely positive interventions, embrace strengths and limitations.
  • Move beyond  ‘aha’ insight to embodied, lasting change.

The Fundamentals of Coaching and Narrative Healing


Our mission is to develop coaches who work with life stories in a way that leads to deepening relationship, transformational learning, and authentic healing. 

Our vision is a community of health professionals who engage the skills of narrative healing, promoting deep lasting change in individuals, organizations, and the communities in which we serve.

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