Specialty Classes

The Journey Of Inspiring Homeopathy

Inner Development for the 21st Century Homeopath

homeopathy-1024x768The Healing Archetypes of Inspiring Homeopathy offers a unique opportunity for both individual and interpersonal healing. As a complete set of medicinal products, these seven remedies form the basis for shamanic journey in a group setting, facilitating direct 1st-person experience of the subtle but powerful nature of Inspiring Homeopathy.

Dr. Tinus Smits’ system is built upon seven universal archetypes reflecting the entire developmental lifespan of a human being. Rather than an individualized remedy read out of a book, the healer learns to identify the experience in him or herself and intuitively prescribe these potent archetypal forces. Healing begins with the self in this powerful system.

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 Living Poems, Writing Lives

Join Reggie Marra, poet, educator and Integral Master Coach™, in this six-session exploration of poetry, healing and self.

In Living Poems, Writing Lives we explore ourselves through poetry, with an emphasis on writing poetry as a healing narrative. No poetry writing experience is necessary (really!). Over the course of our time together we engage a basic introduction to/review of literary devices such as point of view, revision, image, comparison, diction, drama, the line, music, theme, texture and completion – as both tools for writing and vehicles for healing. How might you use diction, drama or texture on your healing journey? Join us and find out!

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