What is Narrative Health Coaching?

Our Approach
Our program offers a developmental, balanced and inclusive approach that increases wellness and creates sustainable change in the lives of our coaches and their clients.

Our approach promotes healing and wellness by growing the coach’s healing capacity. We teach coaches to address factors that support health and resilience. Through our own growth process and increased capacity for healing, we become better able to support healing in others. Our coaches help shift awareness, offering new ways to navigate and work with health issues. As a result, we relate to our experience in a healthier way.

Our approach is uniquely integral in that it is developmental, it engages multiple perspectives, and it takes an integrative approach to healing and wellness. We recognize both coach and client in the complexity of their human wholeness. This wholeness includes feelings, beliefs and values, physiology and behavior, cultural and personal relationships, and natural and human-made environments.

  • Dshutterstock_173113409-1024x683evelopmental: We learn and grow at different rates through specific stages. By meeting individuals where they are, fostering new awareness and leveraging strengths, we access greater well-being at the current stage and, when appropriate, facilitate growth through further stages with greater ease.
  • Multiple perspectives: The more perspectives we take into account, the more fully we can see and understand each client’s unique situation, identifying what will nurture health and healing. Our coaches learn to discern each client’s way of experiencing their situation – the way they make meaning of it; how it is perceived in their culture and impacts their relationships; how they cope with the effects on their energy levels and range of emotions; and how their level of access to the healthcare system contributes to their sense of stress or ease.
  • Integrative: We train coaches to help clients gain awareness of and access to the many factors that contribute to healing and wellness, and to engage through an approach that incorporates relationship in body, mind, soul and spirit. 

Our approach embraces narrative healing – the story we tell about our situation and how we tell it – which is at the heart of how we make meaning, and has significant influence over how we interpret and navigate our life circumstances. Vastly different from an “illness narrative” which focuses on illness rather than health, a healing narrative both emerges from and invites our coming to terms with “what is,” offering more freedom of choice from which to understand, manage and resiliently cope with whatever is occurring.

Our comprehensive framework allows coaches to identify areas that support the fullest and most sustainable healing. Clearly understanding how these areas interweave makes possible a greater range of solutions for clients.

Our Students
Our programs are designed for coaches and health professionals committed to developing their own health, knowing that the healthier we become, the more effectively we serve our clients. Our students are dedicated to deepening skills, improving effectiveness, expanding  reach, and furthering  personal growth. Our offerings  appeal to professionals drawn to integrative health.

We recognize that many factors impact health and that the more factors we engage, the greater the possibility for embodied and sustainable change. We are committed to alleviating unnecessary suffering, and improving our capacity for sustained wellness in relationship with body, mind, soul and spirit.

Our Philosophy
Narrative Health Coaching is based in four core principles.

  • Story Matters: It’s not just getting rid of old behavior and old patterns; it’s about understanding our own story and learning to tell a new one – one that includes increased awareness and insight
  • Relationships Engage: Community is essential, providing an environment for deep listening and deep learning.  Narrative Health Coaching provides a healthy interpersonal container for professionals committed to lifelong learning.
  • Learning Transforms: We use learning cycles – set-seek-apply-assess and re-set – increasing our skills and awareness. Growth through learning cycles allows us to reframe challenges, fostering healing
  • Growth Heals: Achieving outstanding results occurs through broad-based learning across diverse disciplines providing growth and mastery in an array of healing capacities.

Our continuing education classes have been approved by the International Coach Federation for CCE units.

The Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching has qualified to become an Approved Transition Program per the National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches‘ standards. Health and wellness coaches who have met the requirements and completed the Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching will qualify to sit for the NCCHWC Exam.