Narrative Healing

Narrative healing engages our primal way of seeing and thinking about ourselves. Our healing story is a creative inquiry in forward engagement. By reflecting upon our experience of recovering from illness, trauma or injury, we deepen our understanding and skill in returning to wellness.  Moving beyond the illness narrative, narrative healing invites us to reflect upon and retell our story, promoting positive change in our lives.  Comprehending, managing and finding meaning in how we heal is key to a salutary approach to illness and health. Simply put, learning to work with Narrative Healing is a powerful tool for increasing resilience and developing healing resources.



Students will:

  • Learn to engage the client’s healing resources
  • Distinguish between curing and healing for coaching work
  • Practice working with the healing relationship
  • Work with resilience as a powerful skill in healing
  • Create awareness through a balance of head- and heart-centered aspects of healing
  • Practice re-visioning – seeing the narrative again
  • Work with the healing power of poetry

The art of narrative writing is so reflective and full of learning. When writing you put yourself on the page, to be vulnerable for everyone to see but at the same time the class is there to support you and help you with your personal growth that only promotes your ability to become a better coach. This class was very valuable to me and I would certainly recommend it to others.

   ~Tammy Dowling
Law of Attraction Coach, Energy Worker, Author

Join Teleosis Faculty and co-authors of Coaching and Healing: Transforming the Illness Narrative in this Narrative Healing journey. Listen to Lois MacNaughton, ACC and Reggie Marra, MA, ACC discuss more in the video below.

Class Summary:

In this class we explore our understanding of how we heal with story.  We discover how our stories influence our healing through sharing narratives in writing  and coaching. We explore the healing impact compassionate feedback provides. We examine how our healing narrative increases resilience allowing us to bounce forward rather than back. Finally, we provide guidance into using narrative healing skillfully in your coaching practice!

  • All sessions are 2 hours. Class meets for four consecutive sessions, once a week.  (See Calendar )
  • 12 hours of online curriculum: including approximately 4 hours of  work on your own; students have 24-hour access to online class materials.
  • Credits: 
    • IFC approved for 12 hours of CCE units for: 7 Core Competencies / 5 Resource Development
    • Ten (10) Category 1 CEUs for NANP
  • Tuition: $395
  • Class Size: Limited to 15 professionals.
  • Connectivity: Live class sessions utilize Zoom video technology. The videos service is free and all sessions will be recorded and archived for participants throughout the program.

Choose your session, course schedule. 


Faculty: Reggie will be teaching the current class.

Reggie Marra, MA, PCC is an award-winning poet, and the author of three volumes of poetry and four books of nonfiction. His third volume of poetry, And Now, Still, was released in January 2016. He has conducted hundreds of poetry-writing sessions for students from 1st-grade through post-graduate professionals, including presentations for the National Association for Poetry Therapy, The Transformative Language Arts Network, the Connecticut Office of the Arts, the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire and in schools throughout the northeastern U.S. Reggie holds a PCC credential with the International Coach Federation, is a Phone Coach with Integral Coaching Canada and is the Creative Director here at Teleosis Institute.