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March Webinar

Using Coaching at End of Life: A Conversation with Dr. Don Eisenhauer, PCC

Interview with Lois MacNaughton, BA, PCC

End-of-Life Coaching is a process of being with people who are dying and those who are grieving.  This process recognizes the person who is dying or who is grieving as the expert of his/her life.  An End-of-Life Coach is responsible for creating a ‘safe place’ in which the person feels free to share without self-censorship. The End-of-Life Coach asks powerful questions: questions that are born out of the coach’s deep listening.  These questions invite the person to look within to find the answers that are already there yet have gone unacknowledged.  The coach affirms the normalcy of the process of dying and the process of grieving. This particular form of being with another offers a person someone to walk alongside them without offering advice, fixing them, or assuming to know what is right for them. End-of-Life Coaching honors the person’s wisdom and explores ways for them to live from it.  Transformation occurs when the person is seen and heard in this deep way.


Dr. Don Eisenhauer, PCC is the founder of Coaching at End of Life, LLC, providing end of life training, resources, and coach certification. He is a Professional Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation, and in addition to doing end-of-life coaching and leading grief support groups, he serves as a Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator for a hospice in Pennsylvania. Don is author of the book, Coach Yourself Through Grief. Other publications include the eBook, “Life Lessons from Dragonflies: Helping Us Face the Inevitable End of Life Issues,” and the textbook, Coaching at End of Life: A Coach Approach to Ministering to the Dying and the Grieving.  Don has a passion to help people live fully until they die, and to equip individuals to journey with the dying and the grieving.


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Upcoming: April Webinar

Under the Covers: Capitalism, Conscious Healing and Masculinity with Kent Frazier

Cov·er /ˈkəvər/
1. a thing that lies on, over, or around something, especially in order to protect or conceal it.
2. physical shelter or protection sought by people in danger.

Under the Covers was born when Kent Frazier realized that the tune he’d been carrying for so long – his way of approaching music and life as “The Way of the Celebrated Cover Guy” – was no longer acceptable.  

 It is an intimate conversation with the self, a conversation about getting real and finding one’s own voice, and sharing it unabashedly from the heart. It is a conversation that unfolds when a man has the courage to really look at what’s hidden beneath the layers he’s wrapped around himself in order to feel safe – to fully open his heart to the audience members who sit as witness, watching him stand in his own spotlight.

In Kent’s own words: “…my life as a musician playing other people’s music, my life as a leader evangelizing other people’s material, and my life in general wanting and needing the applause and approval of others to feel like I am enough no longer sounded good to me, and needed to be set free.” 

Under the Covers extends the unnerving yet provocative invitation to men to find their precious notes, attempt to sing the song they’ve been avoiding, and uncover the essence of unnecessary suffering. In doing so, every man can begin to nurture “his self” with loving kindness, reveal his true nature and offer it to others as his own verse in the universal song of Life.


Kent Frazier is a dedicated practitioner of personal, professional, organizational, cultural, and societal transformation with a fierce determination to make the world a better place for all living beings (while having fun and adventure along the way). With this intention, Kent recently resigned as head of HR from LRW so that he can share his unique set of experiences and perspectives with a broader audience to have greater impact.

Prior to 2011 Kent served in leadership roles with large multi-billion dollar organizations, mid-market emerging growth companies, and small entrepreneurial start-ups. He was doing well financially and professionally, and felt something was missing. So, he left his job and trained for two years with Integral Coaching Canada. 

He then returned to the corporate world, with LRW, with a different perspective on work,money, purpose and himself. A gifted musician, singer and songwriter who is no longer satisfied only covering other people’s songs, Kent lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Christine,daughter Delila and two Labs. His song does not remain the same; nor is he done composing and singing it.

Upcoming May Webinar

Who’s Stopping You (It’s an Inside Job)


Bridgit  Dengel Gaspard is the founder of the New York City Inner Voice Dialogue Center and a Senior Practitioner and Professional Trainer of Voice Dialogue. She has presented to the Omega Institute, New York Open Center, NYU Behavioral Health Center, the NASW’s ‘Addiction Institute’ as well as ‘Social Work and the City: Building A Progressive Agenda and Striving for A Better Life for All New Yorkers,’ Columbia University School of Social Work Alumni Association and the NYC Chapter of the International Coach Federation. Bridgit has published numerous articles and specializes in creativity blocks and life transitions, in particular moving to the next level of success. Toward that end she is expanding her chapter in The Voice Dialogue Anthology into a book that focuses on people who work hard toward a goal and find themselves inexplicably (and intransigently) stuck in sight of the finish line. It’s currently titled, Who’s Stopping You? How Your Hidden Inner Selves Hijack Happiness and Sabotage Success—and How to Transform Them into Powerful Allies.


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