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February Webinar

Coaching and Healing:
A Conversation with the Authors

Interviewed by Reggie Marra

In what ways can we be in greater service to the relief of suffering? What practices might we engage to best serve clients who are working with issues that require healing? How can we move from an illness to a healing perspective? The authors, all certified Integral Master Coaches™ are engaged in a journey to better understand and practice healing that embraces both inner and outer resources, emphasizing the salutogenic (health-creating) approach. An essential aspect of the group’s collective process is the cultivation of healing narratives that highlight the unique resources available to everyone who is engaged in the healing process. Reggie Marra interviews his coauthors as they explore the connection between Coaching and Healing and lead us on an informative, insightful and enlightening journey into the nature of healing and our own person healing narratives.


Coaching and Healing is the product of a group of 10 Integral Master Coaches™ from across North America who share a desire to explore the role that coaching can play in healing. They seek to deepen, strengthen and hone the natural connection between coaching and healing in their lives and coaching practices while providing physicians, healthcare practitioners and their patients with an intimate understanding of the powerful tool coaching is  in supporting treatment and helping to chart a healing path through illness. The Authors of Coaching and Healing offer this work as testament to the spark of transformation that resides within each individual.

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March Webinar

Using Coaching at End of Life: A Converation with Dr. Don Eisenhauer, PCC

Interview with Lois MacNaughton, BA, ACC

End-of-Life Coaching is a process of being with people who are dying and those who are grieving.  This process recognizes the person who is dying or who is grieving as the expert of his/her life.  An End-of-Life Coach is responsible for creating a ‘safe place’ in which the person feels free to share without self-censorship. The End-of-Life Coach asks powerful questions: questions that are born out of the coach’s deep listening.  These questions invite the person to look within to find the answers that are already there yet have gone unacknowledged.  The coach affirms the normalcy of the process of dying and the process of grieving. This particular form of being with another offers a person someone to walk alongside them without offering advice, fixing them, or assuming to know what is right for them. End-of-Life Coaching honors the person’s wisdom and explores ways for them to live from it.  Transformation occurs when the person is seen and heard in this deep way.


Dr. Don Eisenhauer, PCC is the founder of Coaching at End of Life, LLC, providing end of life training, resources, and coach certification. He is a Professional Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation, and in addition to doing end-of-life coaching and leading grief support groups, he serves as a Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Coordinator for a hospice in Pennsylvania. Don is author of the book, Coach Yourself Through Grief. Other publications include the eBook, “Life Lessons from Dragonflies: Helping Us Face the Inevitable End of Life Issues,” and the textbook, Coaching at End of Life: A Coach Approach to Ministering to the Dying and the Grieving.  Don has a passion to help people live fully until they die, and to equip individuals to journey with the dying and the grieving.


The Future of Health Coaching Online is a free monthly conversation offering tools and perspectives to revitalize and inform health coaches and health professionals working with Integrative Health.  Hosted by Teleosis’ Directors, Dr. Joel Kreisberg and Reggie Marra, the dialogues are available for  the entire month with 24 hour access.   Join us and bathe in the light of the growing constellation of health and wellness practitioners engaging in the Future of Health Coaching.

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