Expanding Our Boundaries with Universal Remedies

Expanding Our Boundaries with

Universal Remedies

“[T}he most excellent provings remain those that the healthy, unprejudiced, conscientious, and fine-feeling physician employs upon himself, with all the care and caution taught here. He knows [is aware] with the greatest certainty that which he has perceived in himself.”  Organ of the Medical Art Samuel Hahnemann, 141                                                                                                                                 Translation: Wanda Brewster O’Reilly

If we would truly know our remedies, we must understand them from the inside out. Building from the work of Samuel Hahnemann and Tinus Smits, universal healing with homeopathic remedies offers a novel, accessible approach to healing with homeopathy.  The process entails working with an online class that is built on a strong interpersonal dynamic. The class’s work with universal homeopathic remedies involves collective inquiry through direct perception of remedies and their expressions in the life-world.  The connection between substance and the collective unconscious is powerful.  Healers seeking to further develop their skills of direct perception find learning universal remedies a powerful and effective tool.

Expanding our Boundaries with Universal Remedies is an introductory class in the novel approach to the use of homeopathic remedies developed by Tinus Smits called Inspiring Homeopathy. In this three-week virtual course, participants will inquire into the nature of boundaries, external and internal.

In the Inspiring Homeopathy system the remedy Vernix caseosa offers the direct experience of working with boundaries.  This class will begin with a journey into Vernix caseosa the first week, followed by inquiry into a new remedy that appears to connect deeply to how our internal boundaries function.  Using Smits system, we will together explore a new universal homeopathic remedy.

  • Class: Mondays June 5th, 12th, 19th, 2017. 7 pm ET- 9 pm ET
  • Location: Teleosis Institute Online Classroom
    • Tuition:  $297
  • Facilitator:  Joel Kreisberg, DC, CCH, ACC  & Tim Owens, MA, CCH



Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC,ACC, received his doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, a Masters of Arts from Prescott College, AZ, and a Bachelors of Arts from Wesleyan University, CT.  He is an Integral Master Coach ™ through Integral Coaching Canada Inc. “My commitment is help you recognize the potential for healing in our everyday aches and pains.  By listening to your body, your feelings, and the power of nature, healing can be mastered naturally and powerfully.  My passion for natural healing and healthy living supports this simplicity and allows for the flourishing of body, mind and soul.”

Tim Owens, MA, CCH  began his teaching career in 1973 after studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Ontario, Canada and La Antilla, Spain. He ran a Transcendental Meditation Center in his hometown of Troy, NY. He taught English for 29 years and discovered homeopathy in 1990 apprenticing with Joel Kreisberg and, later joining him in developing the Teleosis School of Homeopathy in NYC where he taught for ten years. He completed the Inspiring Homeopathy course with Tinus Smits in 2007 at his villa in the Dordogne region of France and went on to co-edit two of Tinus’s books, Inspiring Homeopathy and Autism Beyond Despair. Tim is retired from teaching and has a private homeopathic practice in upstate New York where he lives with his wife Chick.

Joel’s Inspiring Homeopathy class was exactly what I was looking for to expand my understanding of these remedies. I loved the online format and opportunity for interaction with classmates. My take away was the desire to learn more and the confidence to begin using these remedies in my own practice.

Lauren Hubele