Designing A Client-Specific Coaching Plan


Interested in getting good results? Did your coach training teach you how to create a clear plan for your clients?  Have you seen how learning objectives help clients and coach stay focused on what is important?  In Designing A Client-Specific Coaching Plan, we teach the essential skills necessary for effectively managing the coaching process from beginning to end.  This class provides everything you need to know in start to use this powerful tool in your coaching.

I would recommend this course to any health care, wellness coach, or any type of specialized coaching because it really helps you see the client in a healing perspective rather than a solution/fix perspective. Its a very valuable course that offers information resources and insight of healing on a deeper level and i believe that is what every client and coach is looking for.”

~Tammy Dowling, LPJ Coaching

An introduction from Dr. Joel Kreisberg

Class Details:

We take a detailed look at how to develop a coaching plan.  Our focus is on seeing the full arc of the coaching program and identifying the key elements.  By creating a coaching plan, your client knows exactly what he or she is trying to accomplish. Developing a Healing Topic, Learning Objectives, and Growth Practices helps the client to develop self-discipline while holding the client accountable for intended results.   These practices invite the client to seek and apply new skills immediately after the session. Reflecting upon the process allows for learning, growth and assessment in order to reset goals and begin the cycle of seeking and applying again.  As skills are mastered and program goals are met, completion of the coaching releases the client back into their everyday life, better equipped meet new challenges.

Deepening your ability to create ongoing Growth Practices is key to client success.You learn to use all three design elements to effectively support awareness and development, inviting clients to experiment with new ways of looking at and approaching their healing topic. Growth Practices facilitate insight, learning and long term outcomes.

  • All sessions are 2 hours. Class meets for eight consecutive sessions, once a week.  (See Calendar )
  • 32 hours of online curriculum–professionals have 24-hour access to online class materials.
  • Credits: 24 hours of Resource CCE units for ICF available.
  • Tuition: $895 Save $50 before September 15th, 2016 with code plan2016.
  • Class Size:Limited to 15 professionals.
  • Connectivity:Live class sessions utilize Zoom video a free program. All sessions are recorded posted the same day of the class professionals.

Class Outline:

  • Week One: Creating a Focused Healing Topic
  • Week Two: The Importance of Learning Objectives
  • Week Three: Creating Awareness and Growth Practices
  • Week Four: Growth Practice and the Coaching Plan: Setting the Frame.
  • Week Five: Practice Design: Focus on reflection
  • Week Six: Practice Design: Focus on action
  • Week Seven: Practice Integration: Orientation and Setting
  • Week Eight: Ongoing Assessment and Completion

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Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC,ACC, received his doctorate from New York Chiropractic College, a Masters of Arts from Prescott College, AZ, and a Bachelors of Arts from Wesleyan University, CT.  He is an Integral Master Coach ™ through Integral Coaching Canada Inc. “My commitment is help you recognize the potential for healing in our everyday aches and pains.  By listening to your body, your feelings, and the power of nature, healing can be mastered naturally and powerfully.  My passion for natural healing and healthy living supports this simplicity and allows for the flourishing of body, mind and soul.”