Befriending Resistance, Inspiring Motivation


Class Details:

Motivation is a key element for coaches to understand, assess and utilize for effective coaching.  Resistance, on the other hand, is the tug of conscious and unconscious habits that pull clients and coaches to maintain the status quo.  This class takes a deep dive to fully learn to work with both motivation and resistance skillfully using the innovative skills of narrative health coaching.

Befriending Resistance, Inspiring Motivation is designed to develop the coach. The class requires students to respond to their own Healing Resource Assessment, identify and work with those areas that will best improve self-awareness, coaching competency and capacity. Students learn to recognize common sources of both client and coach resistance and work with them in live sessions.

  • Four 2-hour live sessions consecutive weeks for four weeks.  (See Calendar )
  • 14 hours of online curriculum–professionals have 24-hour access to online class materials.
  • Credits:14 hours toward Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching
  • Tuition:$495
  • Class Size:Limited to 15 professionals.
  • Connectivity:Live class sessions utilize Zoom video The program is free and all sessions will be recorded and archived for participants throughout the program.

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